Sunday 11 March 2018, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm  at 100 Tallwood Drive, Ottawa

An extraordinary general meeting of the Friends of the City of Ottawa Archives has been called to consider the future of the Friends. This has become necessary because there has been a failure to elect an adequate number of members to the Board of Directors and to the Executive. In consequence, the activities of the Friends are deemed to have lapsed.

The members at an extraordinary meeting may wish to consider their options:

  • To amend the Constitution to reduce the size of the Board of Directors to 7 or 5 members and, if approved, to make another attempt to recruit the requisite number of board members;


  • To acknowledge the lapsing of the activities of the Friends and to proceed with the transfer of the assets and funds to the City in accordance with Article 4 (d) of the Constitution.


Hope to see you there.

 Our Photo Heritage


By documenting Ottawa's changing landscape, our City Archives remind us how the pace of life in Ottawa has evolved. The horse-drawn taxis seen here, outside Union Station as it took shape in 1911, once served trains that spewed their soot and smoke across downtown Ottawa. [CA 1766]