Speakers Program

FCOA Speakers Program 

Over the years, FCOA has invited many distinguished guests to share their knowledge and expertise.


November 2011
Calling All Photographers! Preserve Your Legacy – Look to the Future!
1) John Lund, “Into the Future”: where photography is headed in technology and society;
new ways to collect, organize and preserve images and the implications for individuals and archives, 
2) Greg Newton, “Preserving Your Legacy”: personal experience as an Archives donor;
safeguarding a family’s photographic legacy

October AGM 2011
Jacques Faucher, “An Echo of Lower Town Ottawa”, Personal Recollections of the

July 2011
Archives Building Open House


November 2010
Hugh Halliday, “Mission to Warsaw – Planes, Penicillin and Politics” [with Polish Embassy]

October Workshop 2010
“Your Digital Photo Collection: Tips for organizing and preserving electronic images”, Louise Renaud, Mylène Choquette, Kathleen Brosseau, Richard Murphy, Joe Iraci & Jean-Luc Vincent [with City Archives]

October AGM 2010
Phil Jenkins, “Here to Stay: An immigrant’s personal view of Ottawa, 1951-2010” [with City Archives]


November AGM 2009
Transport in the Air and on Steel – Ottawa's Story: 1) Talk: “Time Flies: Aviation at Uplands”, Julie Harris, Dave Bullock, 2) Exhibit: “Track Changes: 150 Years of Rail Transportation in Ottawa” [with City Archives]

May 2009
"Booze and Banter" -- A History of Alcohol in Ottawa, Phil Jenkins, Bruce Elliott, Larry Cotton [at Minglewoods pub]

April & May 2009
Tours of Local Archives: 1) Deschâtelets (André Dubois), Anglican (Glenn Lockwood), Jewish (Laurie Dougherty), 2) U. of Ottawa (Michel Prévost), U. of O. Special Collections (Lucie Desjardins), U. of O. tour (Michel Prévost)

April 2009
Conservation of old books and paper, Kyla Ubbink (a.m.); and photographs, Greg Hill (p.m.) [with City Archives]


November 2008
Paul Kitchen, Our Royal Winter Game: The 125th Anniversary of Hockey in Ottawa

October AGM 2008
Marci Surkes, The Emergence of Women in the Scrum: The Ottawa Chapter of the Women’s Press Club during WWII

September 2008
John Heney and Andrew Jeanes, Homes, Gardens & History, Part II: Heritage and Home in Sandy Hill – 321 Chapel [at 321 Chapel]

May 2008
Bruce Elliott and Edwinna von Baeyer, Homes, Gardens & History, Part I: Researching Your House and Garden [at Billings Estate]

April 2008
Mayor’s reception in honour of Archives Awareness Week, the unveiling of 6 restored Victorian-era council Minute Books, and the launching of the restoration of the 1890 portrait of Queen Victoria (by invitation)

March 2008
Robert Serré, Le défi de la généalogie communautaire

February 2008
Dave Mullington, Seeking the Soul of Charlotte Whitton


October AGM 2007
Andrew Waldron, Researching the Modern Past – Ottawa’s Recent Built Heritage

September 2007
Andrew Burtch, Nuclear War in the Workplace – The Civil Defence Corps in Ottawa, 1945-1958

April 2007
John McElhone & Kyla Ubbink, Preserving Your Photographs and Documents – a hands-on workshop [with City Archives]

March 2007
John Reid, The Ottawa Sharpshooters: The Company and Some of Its Remarkable Men, circa 1885

February 2007
Myron Momryk, Owen Cooke, Andrew Rodger, Martha Catchpole, Kyla Ubbink, & John McElhone, Archives in Your Attic – Experts offer advice on how to identify and preserve your treasures [with City Archives]

January 2007
David Knight, Conflict, Desperation and Compromise: Why Queen Victoria Was Asked to Select a Capital for Canada


October AGM  2006
Julian Smith, Using Archival Information to Shape the Contemporary Environment in Ottawa

October 2006
Kristina Marie Guiguet, The Musical Intrigues of a Private Concert in 1844: Mrs. Widder’s Soirée Musicale [with Pinhey’s Point Foundation]

September 2006
Greg Newton, The Photographic Legacy of Bill and Jean Newton [with City Archives]

May 2006
Kyla Ubbink, Preserving Books and Papers for Collectors

April 2006
Colin Churcher, The Development of Railways in the Ottawa Area


November 2005
Michael Houston, Making of the Commemorative DVD: “150 Years of Policing in Ottawa”

October 2005
Victor Suthren, Safe from War: The Military Origins of an Unmilitary Nation’s Capital

April 2005
Katharine Fletcher, Exploring the National Capital Region

March 2005
Michel Prévost, The Belle Époque of Caledonia Springs, the Greatest Spa in Canada


November 28, 2004
Owen Cooke, Ottawa Valley Flyers and the War in the Air, 1914-1918

November 21, 2004
Gill Magnan & Michael Wiggin, The Bywash: Lower Town’s Best Kept Secret!

November 14, 2004
Michel Prévost, L’Université d’Ottawa : Plus de 150 ans d’histoire

October 31, 2004
Julie Harris, The Central Experimental Farm [last-minute replacement for Katharine Fletcher]