Our Mission

To support the activities of the City of Ottawa Archives in acquiring, preserving and making accessible archival records that reflect the corporate and community memories of Ottawa’s growth, activities, groups and districts.  


1.  Advocacy / Promotion

  • To foster public awareness, usage and appreciation of the City of Ottawa Archives’ programs and services;
  • To promote an appreciation for both rural and urban heritage;
  • To advocate and promote legislation, policies and decisions which enhance the interests of the City of Ottawa Archives.

2.  Fund-raising

  • To generate revenue that supports the activities of the Friends of the City of Ottawa Archives;
  • To encourage donations to the City Archives Trust Fund and help oversee its use.

3.  Program Assistance

  • To provide volunteer assistance for City of Ottawa Archives programs and services.

4.  Acquisition Assistance

  • To encourage donations of historical records and papers to the City of Ottawa Archives;
  • To assist in developing a community documentation plan that will provide criteria governing our future appraisal and acquisition of community collections.

5.  Service to Members

  • To provide an environment of exchange, support, related events and information to members, that fosters their interest in, use and support of the Archives.


Our Photo Heritage


What became of the troops we see here, marching past Lansdowne Park and off to war in 1914? In many cases, the records we use to find out about soldiers like these have been donated to the City Archives. What interesting finds are in your attic? [CA 0200]