Organization 2017-2018

Board of Directors 2017-2018


President: Gilles Séguin 

Vice-President: Albert Lessiwe

Secretary: Bret Reynolds

Treasurer: David McConnell

Other Directors: Christopher Faulkner, Lyse Morisset, John Smart


Ex-OfficioPaul Henry, City of Ottawa Archivist


Contact us:

Mail: Friends of the City of Ottawa Archives, c/o City of Ottawa, 100 Tallwood Drive, Ottawa K2G 4R7

Membership : Bret Reynolds

Website & Facebook Admin: Kathy Krywicki

Current Web Site Developer: Ron Schnider, Village Internet, with thanks to Howie at CrimsonPepper for logo, to Jacques Itié and François Dumas for French, to Ange Methot for design, and to Cornelius von Baeyer for putting it all together.

Original Web Site Developer: Kawser Hossain


Our Photo Heritage


Have any ideas for the Friends of the City Archives? Want to get involved? Send us an e-mail with your interests and suggestions. It's a lot easier than sending a telegram by bicycle messenger, like the one in the foreground of this 1926 photo of downtown Ottawa! The view is from Connaught Place (now Confederation Square) looking eastward toward Rideau Street. [CA 182340]